How To Guest Post – How to Guest Blog

How to Guest Post

There is much debate about the benefits of guesting blogging services. Some feel it is falling by the wayside and becoming overused. Others feel it is under utilized and the benefit depends on what you make of the opportunity. Which ever side you tend to believe, the fact remains that guest blogging services help with search engine optimization by increasing your search engine rankings. As long as that is still the case, guest posting service will get more traffic to your website, get you back links and help you to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. You may want to be careful about how you proceed to find opportunities and submit posts.

You should first determine what your goal is for guest blogging. If you want to establish your knowledge in your industry, you want to pick and choose your opportunities so you are taken seriously. Providing guest post service on as may sites as possible will get you noticed, but may not increase your rankings or establish any positive authority image for you. Look for sites that are focused on your industry and have engaged readers. Comments and referrals by readers can really help get your name out there long after your post is submitted. To increase your traffic, submit posts to blog owners who are active on social media sites like instagram and twitter and snap chat. You can search for opportunities to guest blog on Google, Buzz Blogger or My Blog guest by putting in a keyword and then something like “guest blogger” or “submit post” or something along those lines. If you have done any guest blogging at all you are all too familiar with the keywords and phrases to use.

Before submitting a guest blog, look at the blog to get and idea of the type of content written and the audience that frequents the blog. It will tell you a lot about the way to gear your guest post to get the most activity generated from it. If you submit something that insults the readers’ intelligence or goes right over their heads, you have wasted your time and theirs. Do good work and write a high quality post that will educate and engage the reader. You will want to resist the temptation for shameless plugs to your own website. Include it if it is relevant, but leave it out if it makes no sense to the content. Guest blogging is a viable way to accomplish your goals if you do it well.

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